Economic Stability

Opening The Doors To Opportunity

Steady income and stable employment are the building blocks of financial success.

Whether you are starting out or starting over our team is here to help you meet your goals.

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Our Economic Stability Programs

Providing opportunities to secure and maintain living wage jobs.


Ready4Work focuses on individuals and families in Northwest Dayton to address the barriers which have traditionally impeded their access to ensure and maintain living-wage jobs.

Family Coaching

The family coaching team is dedicated to helping families across our community achieve self-sufficiency. Our family coaches assist with goal-setting, problem-solving, and connecting families to local programs and resources for stability and growth. We celebrate accomplished goals with monetary incentives.

Moms With Hope Project

Omega CDC provides community-based services for pregnant and parenting women and expectant fathers. Through this collaboration, Omega CDC layers Moms2B weekly education and support sessions with community-based interventions. These interventions include Community Outreach to Increase Awareness, Participation, and Retention in Moms2B and Economic Mobility Pathways (EMPath) Mobility Mentoring & Doula Services. Our overall goal is for Black women, most at risk for negative birth outcomes, to have a safety net of support touching each aspect of their lives from the decision to carry, through the life of a healthy pregnancy, a safe labor and delivery, and the baby’s first birthday.

Family Resource Coordinators

The Family Resource Coordinators help families identify barriers to academic success and work with the family to find the resources and support necessary to remove those barriers. This program is available to families and students at Fairview Elementary and Edwin Joel Brown Middle School.
Over this past year, you have watched and helped me grow into my better self as I have gone from a homeless, unemployed, single mother, to a version of me that I didn’t know existed!”
-Omega CDC Member
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