Hope Zone


Hope Zone Promise Neighborhood

The Hope Zone Promise Neighborhood is an initiative of the Omega CDC, funded by the U.S. Department of Education. Hope Zone aims to support 6,700 children and 3,400 families living in 17 neighborhoods in Northwest Dayton. We focus on building pathways to self-sufficiency across 4 domains: Education, Economic Stability, Community Engagement, and Health & Wellness. 


Come and be a crucial part of the Omega CDC's Hope Zone Promise Neighborhood workgroup! This is your opportunity to make a difference. Become a member of our committed teams that concentrate on Education, Community Engagement, Health and Wellness, and Economic Stability. Together, we will create transformative projects that uplift the community. We rely on your passion and commitment to fuel this positive change.

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Community Advisory Council  

The Community Advisory Council ensures community-centered decision-making and implementation of Hope Zone Promise Neighborhood Strategies and investments. The CAC also vets and prioritizes workgroup recommendations for strategy decisions and financial investments. This group will meet monthly to convene and will be comprised of mostly Hope Zone residents.  

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