Omega Baptist Harvard Campus


The Omega Baptist Harvard Campus was the original home of the United Theological Seminary. Omega Baptist purchased the 30-acre campus in 2005 and has been transforming the property into a community asset ever since. The land now houses the Omega Senior Lofts, the Hope Center for Families, and a state-of-the-art, fully accessible playground. Three of the original buildings are still standing: the Chapel, which is currently being renovated and hosts two churches and will house the Omega CDC offices when finished, the power station, and Fout Hall.

Fout Hall is scheduled for demolition in early August. The building housed United Theological Seminary’s residential halls and administrative offices. Despite its original beauty, the building fell into extreme disrepair, and the cost of renovation was prohibitive. The demolition process is intense and includes abatement, the removal of structures such as windows, and much more. This process is underway and will continue for the coming months until the final demolition is completed.

Omega Baptist and Omega CDC are planning a commemorative event before the demolition is finished, and details will be shared once they are finalized. In the meantime, Omega Baptist Church is working on plans for the future use of the space, which will be maintained as green space until those plans are finalized. We look forward to sharing the vision with the community as plans for the Omega Baptist Harvard Campus take shape and continue to create spaces that are an asset to Northwest Dayton.