The Journey Continues


Established in 2021, NWDP has been a driving force in Northwest Dayton, facilitating meaningful conversations and empowering residents to shape their vision for the community’s future. Through a resident-led community steering committee, NWDP brought together a diverse group of stakeholders dedicated to implementing strategic initiatives and developing a comprehensive community plan. This plan focuses on promoting racial equity, justice, and economic mobility, particularly addressing the historical impacts of redlining that have disproportionately affected Black residents in the area.

The community plan serves as a roadmap for progress, outlining goals, priorities, strategies, and actionable steps for community members to actively participate in making Northwest Dayton a better place for everyone. By forging partnerships with dedicated organizations, philanthropic champions, and accountable public officials, NWDP has garnered support to bring the community’s vision to life.

With the launch of the HOPE ZONE initiative, Omega CDC steps into the next phase of this transformative journey. Building upon the collaborative efforts of NWDP, Omega CDC continues to prioritize resident voices, ensuring their position in decision-making processes. The Hope Zone initiative aims to amplify community strategies, prioritize key initiatives, and work tirelessly to achieve the outlined goals.

Omega CDC strives to empower individuals, families, and businesses in Northwest Dayton through resident engagement. By centering the vision of the community, the Hope Zone initiative creates an environment where strategies are tailored to address the unique challenges and aspirations of the residents.

By building upon the momentum generated by NWDP and collaborating with community stakeholders, the Omega CDC seeks to inspire collective action, foster partnerships, and drive sustainable change. Together, we can make Northwest Dayton a place where the resident vision becomes a vibrant reality—a community that uplifts and empowers all its residents.

Hope Lives Here!