Omega CDC’s Collaborative Policy Planning Day with William Julius Wilson Institute and StriveTogether


Omega Community Development Corporation was privileged to welcome Fritz
Bondoa, Director of Public Policy William Julius Wilson Institute, Nina Carter, Managing Director of Place,
William Julius Wilson Institute and Josh Davis, Vice President of Policy and Partnerships StriveTogether for a
day of Policy Planning. The day featured an exploration of Omega CDC’s policy goal statement,
policy priorities from the Northwest Dayton Partnership community vision, and Hope Zone
Promise Neighborhood work group action plans.

Omega CDC is committed to aligning our policy goals and actions with our community’s desires.
It is imperative that we identify where we can lead and where we can support these priorities,
utilizing the expertise of our residents, informing the emerging field of place-based, Cradle-
to-Career strategies. Stay tuned as we unveil our policy agenda by engaging our existing
partners and building relationships with our local, state, and federal leaders.

We are beyond grateful for the guidance and support afforded to our organization as we
endeavor to build our policy muscle and empower the community to be the change they want
to see in their neighborhoods!