The Hope Center for Families-Fulfilling Its Promise


In August 2023, Miami Valley Child Development Centers launched the Therapeutic Intervention Program (TIP) classroom at Mini University, aiding nine children aged 3 to 5 with essential child and family therapy services. Fully staffed with three teachers, the program collaborates with Goodwill Easter Seals and Dr. Janeece Warfield, funded by the Hope Zone Promise Neighborhood.

Dayton Children’s Hospital began specialized therapy services in Mini University in September 2023, offering tailored support to children’s needs. Services are at full capacity with 33 children receiving speech therapy and 36 in occupational therapy. Sinclair occupational therapy (OTA) students also provide supervised assistance in the classroom. 

Mini University encourages families to consider Dayton Children’s Pediatrics for primary care, with 27% already benefiting from DCP Northwest at the Hope Center. Enrollment prioritizes residents of Hope Zone zip codes (45405 and 45406).

Future plans include enhanced service coordination, educational initiatives, and community support efforts, addressing the needs of New Americans, raising awareness on lead levels’ impact, and the Omega CDC Family Services team attending the EMPath Mobility Mentoring conference in March 2024.

As we look ahead, our vision includes even more impactful collaborations, reflecting our unwavering commitment to listening and responding to community needs to build a brighter, more hopeful future for all within the Hope Zone. Hope Lives Here!