Student Success Navigator Kickoff


We have some exciting updates from the Hope Zone Promise Neighborhood. Omega CDC conducted a kickoff training for their Student Success Navigators, who are the rockstars responsible for building individual relationships with kids and their families. Their job is to work with students and families, to understand each child’s unique needs and interests, and to create personalized success plans to help them thrive.

The kickoff training was led by some incredible leaders from across the county, including Tauheedah Jackson from the Institute for Success Planning at the Harvard EdRedesign Lab, Brian McClendon from the William Julius Wilson Institute, and Ritika Sharma Kurup, a collective impact strategist. These experts shared their insights and experiences, providing valuable guidance and inspiration for the Student Success Navigators and other participants. It was an incredible opportunity for everyone involved to learn from some of the brightest minds in education and social impact.

At the training, the Omega CDC team learned how to collaborate even more effectively and adapt to changing circumstances. Participants included Omega CDC staff, Hope Zone students, families, and partners. And let me tell you, the feedback from students and families was invaluable! They shared their needs and expectations, and everyone left feeling inspired, emotional, and empowered.

The Omega CDC Hope Zone is off to an amazing start. With such dedicated and passionate people working together, we’re confident that real change is possible.  As Vanessa Ward put it, “We are the they.” And that’s the kind of energy we need to create lasting change.

Hope Lives Here.